Access American Homeowners
Reach the American Homeowner Market With Ease

This dynamic list of homeowners is compiled from deed registrations, mortgage data and other reliable public record sources. Updated monthly.
New Movers
Reach the freshest New Movers when they're responsive buyers – largest universe availble

For over 20
years FMP Direct has been compiling it’s exclusive New Movers Register. New Movers information is processed weekly and is compiled from change of address records, deed registrations, new phone connections, magazines, credit card changes and other timely sources. Monthly New Mover subscription programs are available with no minimums.
Access American Databank
Reach virtually every qualified prospect in America

This list provides detailed information on over 195 million Americans and approximately 110 million households, compiled from numerous public record sources. Updated monthly to bring you the freshest and most complete information possible.
Active Singles
Reach single credit card shoppers when their needs are
the greatest

This file of active singles, widows/widowers, and divorcees is updated monthly to keep pace with this dynamic group of American credit consumers.
Affluent Sportsmen
Reach sportsmen across the country

These individuals believe in the true American Heritage of hunting and fishing, support numerous conservation and wildlife education projects, subscribe to a variety of outdoor-related publications, and are frequent travelers. A majority of them are in professional/technical occupations, have higher or dual income households, purchase better quality sporting equipment and are committed to preserving the American Wilderness. This database represents that segment of the Outdoor Enthusiast market that take their passion for the outdoors seriously. Updated monthly.
Business Professions at Home
Reach over 18 million business people and professionals at home

Whether you are looking for attorneys or business owners, presidents or secretaries, now you can contact the exact audience necessary by title/job function without all of the normal distractions. This file offers over eighteen million business people/professionals selectable by title/job function at their home address. Updated monthly.
Consumers without Credit
Reach American consumers who lack credit

A large number of demographic and lifestyle selections enables marketers to target these individuals who are not active credit card shoppers or that may have difficulty establishing credit due to such reasons as age, divorce, income or credit history. This list includes individuals who do not possess a major bank or premium credit card. Updated monthly.
Credit Cravers
Reach hotline Credit Cravers & Abusers now

Offered exclusively by FMP Direct, these highly responsive, opportunistic individuals have responded to numerous financial offers. Whether you want to reach credit dependent individuals that just can’t get enough credit buying power or credit abusers that have gotten too much and have experienced past due situations, judgments, tax liens or bankruptcies, the Credit Cravers & Abusers file now offers you that opportunity. These Cravers & Abusers typically respond to most financial, merchandise or service offers that accommodate their lifestyle.
Reach the American homeowner market with ease
and confidence

For over 20 years FMP has been compiling valuable Homeowner information. Homeowner's are an important market segment and are constantly in need of everything from home accessories to insureance, credit cards to entertainment and travel, and due to time cinstraints are prone to catalog and e-commerce shopping. Mortgage information is not available on this file, but homeownership status has been appended.
Mail Order Buyers
Reach almost every active mail order buyer

A large number of selections allow marketers to target virtually every mail order buyer in the country. All individuals on this file are active credit buyers in good standing and we even identify multi-mail order buyers. This list provides active mail order buyer information that is updated monthly to bring you the freshest buying information possible.
National Credit Register
Reach cardholders who are likely to buy your products and services

This enhanced list of credit card users is compiled from numerous financial institutions and companies. Updated monthly to identify the most active credit card shoppers.
Online Buyers
One of the largest sources of online consumers

With over 32 million households who rely on home computers for personal, business or educational purposes, FMP Direct offers a premier market segment with purchase information. These consumers have bought technical products ranging from software to computer equipment to DVD players, and are likely to buy again. Sourced from online product registrations, this file is updated monthly.
Reach the American renter market with ease

The Renting population tends to include active singles, single parents, young families, prospective home buyers, and those aging Americans who want to trim their household size. Their needs are varied and with additional demographics you can easily target the most desirable households. This dynamic list of renters is updated monthly.
Reach singles when their needs are the greatest

FMP Direct is able to identify this changing segment of individuals with reliability and frequency. Singles have overwhelming needs. Many have recently moved into new apartments and homes. Credit card acquisitions are a must. New relationships are developing and all are striving to build rewarding careers. This file of singles, widows/widowers, and divorcees is updated monthly to keep pace with this dynamic group of Americans consumers.
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